We Care for Those in Need

Not all needs can be filled in one kit, which is why there are so many different kinds. In places where there is food insecurity, there might be a distribution of food kits, full of things like oil, salt, corn meal, or lentils. During a cholera outbreak, Concern might distribute hygiene kits. There are kits for almost every need. School kits, food kits, non-food item (NFI) kits, hygiene kits, and shelter kits are just a few of the many kits that are distributed around the world. The contents correspond with the community’s needs. In this case: shelter, cooking utensils, and clothing. Kits are also critical to maintaining the dignity of the communities we work with — which is why in our kits you’ll find feminine hygiene products and culturally-appropriate clothing items.

While humanitarian organizations adhere to a set of core standards, often the kits they deliver will vary. A hygiene kit distributed by one organization might focus on the needs of children or women, while another kit might have items for adults. And, depending on needs, kits might look different between countries. For example, we won’t give heavy blankets to people living in sweltering heat, or mosquito nets to communities in places where mosquitos aren’t a threat. Each year, Concern distributes tens of thousands of kits to communities hard hit by disaster or conflict. They are a lifeline that helps families maintain decent living conditions by providing safe shelter, food to eat, and all the tools they might need to cook or gather water.