Shahi Chiya – Tourist Investment Company

SHCH was planned for to built tourist villages and facilities and to promote group tourism. The field assessment proved that there are other areas which need attention and the company can contribute. The IDP’s problem was among those issues that led SHCH to re-asses its programmes and think about some humanitarian activities along with tourist investments. SHCH in this respect acts similar as NGOs that care about developing those areas.

This encouraged those running the SHCH to obtain official approvals from the authorities who supported the idea and provided all necessary requirements to better serve Kurdistan all Kurdistan with out being supportive to one area and not to the rest.

These plans were studied and further assess by a staff consisted of 11 persons who are experts in this field. Currently we plan from tourism prospective to:

  1. Construction of a tourist village in Shaqlawa /Erbil
  2. Construction of a village in Sulav / Duhok
  3. Activate and support groups of tourists to visit Kurdistan through facilitating their Hotel reservations and transportations to introduce the world to Kurdistan and vice-versa.