Shahi Chiya – International Supplier Company

Due to the situation of Iraq and the neighbour countries, SHCH started to be an international supply chain company having its head office in Erbil, and opened branches in different countries through their agents such as Turkey, Jordan, EAU, and thinking to do the same in China very soon.

We take pride in providing professional procurement and supply chain services to all UN agencies as well as to the international and national organization, governmental organization, and individual throughout the world.

Despite being producer, supplier, and investor to approximately 19 businesses for Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Africa market… Humanitarian projects are one of the pillars of the company… SHCH has become a reliable and respected supplier, logistics, and services provider partner for our customers.

We believe that our services can well compliment the product/service for most of companies that we deal with, in further promotion of a better environment, most of our dealers have the company’s introductory profile in a hardcopy for their perusal, also may peruse our website at which can make them very close to all our activities…