Shahi Chiya – Community Development Activities

Humanitarian and assistance side of our activities:

1- SHCH started negotiation with some INGOs and some agreed for the company to represent them in Kurdistan and we could obtain from them some assistant in Cash and Kind to be delivered to the IDP’s areas to improve the social services and assist them re-integrate with the local communities. We coordinate these activities with the ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, elderly home, teenaged and orphanages. We also took care about the education and social part in the kindergartens and primary schools aged between 3-9 years.

2- SHCH signed an agreement with IOM Amman to facilitate the voluntary return of the Iraqi Refugees from London. SHCH receives them in the airport and provide basic needs and transport them to their final destinations and prepare personal files and on second stage assist them for local re-integration projects. SHCH carries out assessment as regards the areas of interest and direct them towards possible and available re-integration activities like vocational training, language training…etc

3- SHCH has some general service plans for the people of Kurdistan. The programme is assisting those interested how to approach new life career management free of charge through direct interviews or internet. This programme will be start very soon.