Shahi Chiya – Company Overview

Shahi Chiya global enterprise, it is a global company for general trading in import and export. This global company is a ‘General Trading’ established to enable development partners find simple, innovate, and cost-efficient and sustainable solutions to the development challenges. Our core values drive our work, hence contributing to our recognition as ‘Trusted Partners’.

Shahi Chiya global company has a wide network of partners and associates spread across continents which include renowned suppliers from various industries of food, on food items, medicines, agriculture. The network nature of profile has enabled us take on work and deliver successfully, by leveraging their presence and resources, across continents and countries.

The last decade is witness to Shahi Chiya global company phenomenal expansion across services, sectors and the global footprint. The portfolio growth is humbling and inspirational and has come to add to our responsibility as ‘Trusted Partners’. The success has made us look for new models and approaches for sustainable growth in portfolio. Simultaneously, we are charting new territories to further broaden our portfolio and profile. Starting as a limited company to building profile as a global company has been a difficult but a learning experience.
Today, Shahi Chiya global company is reckoned as growing enterprise. We have earned the reputation as premier international traders, able to deliver high quality goods, services with responsibility and trust.

Who We Are

Formed in 2005 as a private limited company and now a global enterprise is an internationally renowned general trading company providing high quality food items, nonfood items, medicines, medical consumables, medical equipment, furniture, agricultural tools and fertilizers and much more. We enable companies to source and win more contracts using our quality tender processes. We have built our reputation by enabling our clients to win more of tenders we advise on.

We mostly work with International donors like the UN agencies, INGOS, NGOS both public and private sector organizations in divisions that include food, nonfood items and medicine precisely. We have built an enviable portfolio of expertise that enables us to advise you in developing persuasive and winning tenders that are bespoke to each particular assignment.
This expertise and experience are relied upon by leading UN agencies, national, international and local humanitarian organizations. This is because our diverse team holds rich years of business and tendering experience.


Reliable traders engaged in enabling our partner-cum-clients to pursue their sustainable development objectives.


Engage with and support our partners-cum-clients in pursuit of sustainable development objectives by extending quality goods and services with demonstrated professionalism, innovativeness, complete integrity, ethics, and continually exceeding expectations.

We Believe

A 360-degree perspective is required to address complex human development needs. Sustainability comes from building the capacity of individuals, communities and countries to address their needs. The key to improving lives is in generating, sharing and applying knowledge. Partnering with governments, civil society organizations, the private sector and communities leads to success.

Our Values


Inspiration to innovate and enabling change leaders -in their work- is one of the core values that drive our work at Shahi Chiya global company. We work to inspire ‘Out of Box Thinking’ to enable leaders embrace innovation driven change. We work with these change leaders to turn challenges into solutions which are simple, innovative, and easy to implement. We work to create ownership from within by keeping them engaged throughout to help partners/clients embrace change and innovation to enable sustainable change.


We work with the intent to exceed expectations and build a relationship as partners. We work with the intent to invest in cultivating trust, respect and mutual benefit to transform traditional ‘Client-/Goods Service provider’ relationship into ‘Partnership’.


Our partners, associates, and consultants are our strength. The network enables us to leverage complementarities and comparative strengths, broaden our goods and services, mobilize human resources, and use contextual understanding in operations.


We ‘value’ and make sincere efforts to demonstrate the respect for communities, people, cultures and environment that we work in and interact with. We are committed to and do utmost to ensure professional honesty, neutrality and integrity and observe zero tolerance to bribery, corruption and unethical behavior.