The Nature of Our Work

SHAHI-CHYA, (SHCH) was found in June 2005 as a Limited Company for Tourist Investments in Kurdistan / Erbil and already opened five branches in all the north governorates and it’s have the right to open and work in all Iraqi governorates. The Executive Director is Mr Aysar Altahir who established this company during the qualitative leap in the development of the Kurdistan region. The founders found that Kurdistan nature could be an attractive factor for tourism investments. They received support from the Council of Ministers and almost all ministries along with the Women Union.

Shahi Chiya General Trading (company registration number 101813-5) is a global enterprise tendering internationally with UN donors mostly having physical presence in Iraq, Jordon, Turkey, Pakistan, US and Ukraine.

SHCH on a later stage was recommended to the International Organization for Migration (IOM). This organization was looking for a partner for its Voluntary Return Programme from abroad. SHCH went into intensive negotiation with the IOM and reached an agreement by July 2005. As a result of the good reputation and the professional cadre we have had, SHCH have a very positive negotiation with several local and international NGO’s to work with them as implementing partner in different projects in the north.

SHCH conditioned that its involvement would not include any forced return activities. So far SHCH received hundred groups of returnees consisted of thousands persons, they are all back from the UK. And European countries, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany. Following IOM procedures and rules, SHCH facilitated the return by receiving the returnees in Erbil International Airport and assisted their transport up to their final destinations as first stage. Hereafter, in the second stage, SHCH started organizing the re-integration activities for the returnees in their respective areas. It is offered to people who have decided to return voluntarily to their home country so as to make their return more sustainable. This programme (Voluntary Assisted Return and Reintegration Programme “VARRP”) is managed by IOM; it’s assistance in the development of small business start-up projects, vocational training, and further education.