• Construction Services

    Commitment to creating positive improvements in the built environment.

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  • Community Development

    We believe we can achieve more in partnership with others than if we act alone.

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  • Travel Services

    Complete travelling services.

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  • E-Commerce Platform

    Going for great solutions online.

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  • General Trading

    General trading services beyond boarders.

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Our Latest Projects

We believe good public policy can transform the lives of millions of people. Our work supports International donors, INGOs, NGOs to bring about lasting positive change using analytical and practical policy expertise.

Inspire to Embrace Innovation & Build Capacities for Sustained Growth

Shahi Chiya operates as a Social Enterprise, where work is driven by motivation to enable partners to explore innovative, and sustainable solutions to development challenges. SHCH’s work is driven by the core values that define the ethos and identity of Shahi Chiya.

These include working with change leaders, service excellence through network, client capacity development, innovative and sustainable solutions, building bonds-from clients to partners, respect and integrity. We aim to support sustainable development objectives by providing quality services with professionalism, innovation, and integrity.

We take social responsibility seriously because our work is often at the center of environmental, safety, and sustainability challenges. We inspire clients to embrace innovation and built-in capacity development to help achieve
sustained growth and momentum.